Clear. Direct. Present.

BEing Balance offers deep listening through multiple resources. BEing Balance follows your process and finds the language and direction that suits you to explore your journey and to find the best way to support you.

We take in our world and life experience in many ways: from our physical experiences and body awareness, literally and metaphorically to what we eat, read, think and process. We also connect to a universal energy that is more than us. Whatever we internalize can manifest in body symptoms, dreams, relationships, work issues or world issues. 

You might find yourself at a crossroad, blocked or in need of support and you may be experiencing body symptoms ranging from physical illness to anxiety, depression, stress, loss and grief, self-esteem.

BEing Balance listens to and follows signals and tailors various processes towards self-exploration, self-expression, awareness and understanding, dialogue, creative expression and energy balance.

Sharlene Friedman is the founder of BEing Balance. She created BEing Balance out of years of journeying to seek harmony in body, mind and spirit, being present to others and herself. Capturing the essence of BE In human BEing, her teacher Mary Burmeister always says we are “human BEings, not human DOings or TRYings.” Sharlene has always been drawn to the visual arts world. Self-expression has been a perfect resource to explore her own inner journey and life issues. In 1994, she was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu, which gave her the tools to harmonize her own energy and to teach others simple self help exercises they could use on themselves.

Sharlene Friedman BAFA,

Dip TATI, Registered Canadian Art Therapist, Clinical Member of OSRP, Certified JSJ Practitioner.

Sharlene has been in independent practice since 1989 as a Registered Canadian Art Therapist. She was born in South Africa and came to Canada to study Art Therapy. In South Africa, she was part of the Rape Crisis Centre called POWA (People Opposing Woman Abuse) and was responsible for group training and crisis counselling. In conjunction with private practice, where she focuses on work with individuals, couples and supervision, Sharlene is on faculty with the Toronto Art Therapy Institute as the Group Art Therapist. She has also worked with numerous agencies including women’s shelters, addiction treatment programs, The Rape Crisis Centre of Peel Dufferin County, the Peel Collaborative and the Barbara Schlifer Clinic in Toronto where her work focused on working with trauma, recovery and personal growth. In 1996, Sharlene was instrumental in creating and co-facilitating an open group for women who have survived childhood sexual abuse and trauma. The group ran for over seven years. She is the co-author of the manual, Weaving Our Voices: An open group for women who have survived Childhood Sexual Abuse and trauma A Group Leaders Manual and was responsible for training agencies in Peel, Guelph and Toronto in this model. Sharlene also practices and teaches self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu®, an art of harmony body mind and spirit.

Art Therapy

As people living in a complex world, we sometimes need to be able to look at ourselves from different viewpoints. Art therapy is a way of expressing yourself through nonverbal techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, collage, gesture, movement and sound.

Sometimes we cannot find the words to express how we feel but we can sense an atmosphere of unease. We find a way to put that atmosphere into expression and use it to describe and access what we previously had no words for.

Sometimes we need to release emotions in a cathartic manner without hurting ourselves or others. Art expression, movement or sound gives us that release. There is no talent or training necessary. Just as we witness children using art and play as a way of expressing themselves, we have the capacity to access that child nature of self-expression.

Sessions are based on the client’s needs. They may involve art-making, talking, movement, energy work or listening to dreams. 

Clients tap into their inner resources and learn how to discover and use their own tools and strengths.


BEing Balance invites teachers in Art Therapy to do workshops. We also organize Jin Shin Jyutsu® classes. If you are interested in our workshops, please send us your contact information. We will send updates of upcoming workshops.


Take a journey into the internal energies. Power, instinct, listening to intuition, confrontation and truth telling.

Engaging with Dreams Creative Process and the Astrology of Mars

Join us: Christina Becker (Jungian Analyst) &
Sharlene Friedman (Art Therapist)

October 30th 2022 to February 5th 2023
(No classes on Dec 18th, 25th or Jan 1st)

For detail information, please click at the link below:

For general information, contact: Sharlene Friedman 416 588 2471